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2016前瞻性货币政策与影子信贷市场融资风险—基于2008-2014年货币政策操作与浙江省案例数据分析田光宁; 范肖洁
2016An assessment of CO2 emissions: is China’s tertiary industry environmentally friendly?Wenjing Yi; Jie Guo; Le Le Zou
2016农户“两型农业”技术采用行为的影响因素分析——基于辽宁省玉米水稻种植户的调查数据文长存; 吴敬学
2016Sentiment classification ofChinese online reviews: a comparison of factors influencing performances王洪伟; 郑丽娟
2016An extended exponential transformation for evaluating nearly singular integrals in general anisotropic boundary element methodGu Y.; Dong H.Q.; Gao H.W.; Chen W.; Zhang Y.M.
2016A novel decomposition ensemble model withextended extreme learning machine for crude oil price forecastingYu, Lean; Dai, Wei; Tang, Ling
2016Risk Paths in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese ContractorsJun Ying Liu; Xian Bo Zhao; Peng Yan
2016Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility of Multinational Companies Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets: Evidence from ChinaJuelin Yin; Dima Jamali
2016券商规模与分析师盈利预测准确性——基于分析师跳槽的经验证据伊志宏; 王鑫斌; 李颖
2016创新网络治理内生化杠杆解研究邱国栋; 郭庆磊
2016员工顾客导向、商业友谊与顾客忠诚的关系研究黎建新; 刘浩; 何昊; 刘洪深
2016Self-scheduling of a power generating company: Carbon tax considerationsSidong Liu; JulienChevallier; BangzhuZhu
2016感知供应商“关系”取向对分销商机会主义行为的影响——治理策略的调节作用王立磊; 张剑渝; 胥兴安
2016Two Stage Supply Chain Enterprises’ Production and Reduction Decision-Making Mechanism Research Considering Emission TradingJianan Sun; Zhongdong Xiao; Guanghui Zhou
2016Brokers or Bridges: Structural Holes in Crowdsourcing SystemsQingpeng Zhang; Daniel Zeng; Fei-Yue Wang; Ronald Breiger; James A. Hendler
2016技术差距变动、研发资源驱动与技术进步效应张同斌; 李金凯; 高铁梅
2016Investment and financing for SMEs with a partial guarantee and jump risk罗鹏飞; 王华茂; 杨招军
2016Contingent Capital, Capital Structure and Investment谭英贤; 杨招军
2016基于复杂性科学的管理熵和管理耗散结构分析低油价时代委内瑞拉石油经济模式穆献中; 胡广文
2016Effects of carbon emission transfer on economic spillover and carbon emission reduction in ChinaLicheng Sun; Qunwei Wang; Peng Zhou; Faxin Cheng
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