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2018Nonparametric Variance Control Charts Based on Siegel-Tukey Test<b>Suyi Li</b>(#)()
2018Empirical study of the functional changes in price discovery in the Brent crude oil market<b>Lu-Tao Zhao</b>(#)(); Jin-Long Yan; Lei Cheng; Yi Wang
2018Utilizing Geospatial Information in Cellular Data Usage for Key Location PredictionYina Yu(#); <b>Baojun Ma</b>(); Hailiang Chen; Benjamin Yen
2018Are International Fund Flows Related to Exchange Rate?Li Syxiao; Jakob de Haan; Bert Scholtens
2018Discovering the Relationship Between Generalization and Uncertainty By Incorporating Complexity of Classification<b>Xizhao Wang</b>(#); Ran Wang(); Chen Xu
2018非线性货币政策规则、通胀预期与不确定性<b>郭凯</b>(); 孙音; 邢天才
2018我国民航企业飞行员两阶段转升规划方法研究丁若; 沙梦一; <b>高敏刚</b>()
2018The identification of truck-related greenhouse gas emissions and critical impact factors in an urban logistics network<b>Mi Gan</b>(#); Xiaobo Liu(); Si Chen; Ying Yan; Dandan Li
2018The effect of gasoline consumption tax on consumption and carbon emissions during a period of low oil prices<b>Lu-Tao ZHAO</b>(#); Ling-Yun HE(); Lei CHENG; Guan-Rong ZENG; Zhimin HUANG
2018Existing Knowledge Assets and Disruptive Innovation: The Role of Knowledge Embeddedness and SpecificityChunpei Lin(#); <b>Baixun Li</b>(); Yenchun Jim Wu
2018Bayesian Naïve Bayes Classifiers to Text Classification<b>Xu; Shuo</b>(#)
2018Evaluating the Construction Efficiencies of Urban Wastewater Transportation and Treatment Capacity: Evidence from 70 Megacities in ChinaWu, Ge; Miao, Zhuang; <b>Shao, Shuai</b>(); Jiang, Keshen; Geng, Yong; Li, Dejia; Liu, Haimeng
2018Do the Rich Have Stronger Willingness to Pay for Environmental Protection? New Evidence from a Survey in China<b>Shao, Shuai</b>(); Tian, Zhihua; Fan, Meiting
2018The Effect of Online Reviews on E-tailers’ Pricing in a Dual-channelMarket with Competition郭恺强(#); <b>王洪伟</b>(); 宋媛; 杜战其
2018Sentimental Feature Selectionfor Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Online Reviews郑丽娟(#); <b>王洪伟</b>(); 高松
2018A review on neural networks with random weightsWeipeng Cao(#); <b>Xizhao Wang</b>(); Zhong Ming; Jinzhu Gao
2018多重不确定下针对ATO 供应链的制造商预售策略研究<b>李毅鹏</b>(#)(); 马士华; 袁开福
2018The sharing economy and its implications for sustainable value chains<b>Ke Rong</b>(#); Jialun Hu; Yuge Ma; Ming K. Lim; Yang Liu; Chao Lu
2018Sustainable Queuing-Network Design for Airport Security Based on the Monte Carlo MethodXiangqian Xu(#); Zhexuan Zhou; Yajie Dou(); Yuejin Tan; <b>Tianjun Liao</b>
2018A Preference Model for Supplier Selection Based on Hesitant Fuzzy SetsZhexuan Zhou(#); Yajie Dou(); <b>Tianjun Liao</b>; Yuejin Tan
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