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2017Quantitative measurements of the interaction between net primary productivity and livestock production in Qinghai Province based on data fusion techniqueDeng Xiangzheng(#)(); John Gibson; Wang Pei
2017Relationship between landscape diversity and crop production: a case study in the Hebei Province of China based on multi-source data integrationDeng Xiangzheng(#)(); John Gibson; Wang Pei
2017Management of trade-offs between cultivated land conversions and land productivity in Shandong ProvinceDeng Xiangzheng(#)(); John Gibson; Wang Pei
2017基于Q-RBF神经网络模型的国产大豆价格预测研究张冬青(#)(); 刘欢; 张云清
2017A Path Analysis Of Greenwashing In A Trust Crisis Among Chinese Energy Companies: The Role Of Brand Legitimacy And Brand LoyaltyRui Guo(#); Lan Tao(); Caroline Bingxin Li; Tao Wang
2017Optimal allocation of Provincial Initial water rights based on Rewarding Excellence and Punishing Inferiority葛敏(#)(); 吴凤平; 尤敏
2017A mixed integer programming model for gas distribution problem with complex applied characteristicsLiangxu Sun(#)(); Dianli Qu; Guoli Liu
2017“一带一路”倡议与中国对沿线国家的贸易增长孙楚仁(#); 张楠; 刘雅莹
2017Impact of Channel Power and Fairness Concern on Supplier's Market Entry DecisionBaozhuang Niu(#); Qinquan Cui; Jie Zhang()
2017The economic and social performance of integrated photovoltaic and agricultural greenhouses systems: Case study in ChinaChangsheng Li(#)(); Haiyu Wang; Hong Miao; Bin Ye
2017自我概念一致性与功能一致性对体育用品品牌重购行为的影响研究杨艳(#); 李荣日
2017我国上市公司资本结构“同群效应”研究陆蓉(#); 王策(); 邓鸣茂
2017金融发展、股权结构与投资效率杨继伟(#); 张云云()
2017The categories, rules, and demonstrations of guanxi in Chinese societyEn-Chung Chang(#); Ting-Jui Chou(); Chungming Huang; Xun Wang
2017Research on Benefit Assessment of Ecological Compensation for Collective Non-commeraial Forest in Natural Forest Protection Regions of Western China——Taking Yulong County in Yunnan ,Xiuwen County in Guizhou and Jingbain County in Shanxi as Examples支玲(#); 谢彦明; 张媛; 刘燕; 郭小年
2017Research on Index System of Benefit Assessment of Ecological Compensation for Collective Non-commercial Forestin Natural Forest Protection Project Areas——Taking Western China as an Example支玲(#); 龙勤; 李谦; 苏建兰; 张磊磊
2017Assessment on Forest Ecosystem Services Function Value of Natural Forest Protection Project in Yulong of Yunnan杨芳(#); 支玲(); 郭小年; 王晨伟
2017不同决策模式下制造商与再制造商的博弈策略研究孙浩(#); 叶俊; 胡劲松(); 达庆利; 王凯
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 42322

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