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2016Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern 联合分布的Max-Sum 局部等价式江涛; 徐晖
2016The dynamic volatility spillover between European carbon trading market and fossil energy marketYue-Jun Zhang; Ya-Fang Sun
2016基于熵权TOPSIS的延迟策略成熟度评价罗建强; 王嘉琳
2016以低碳为目标的集装箱拖车运输问题及其时间窗离散化算法张瑞友; 张辉; 黄敏
2016Assessing income-related health inequality and horizoninequity in ChinaZhongliang Zhou; Yu Fang; Zhiying Zhou; Dan Li; Dan Wang; Yanli Li; Li Lu; Jianmin Gao; Gang Chen
2016Analysis of Influence Factors for Low-Carbon LogisticsYu Nie; Zhongdong Xiao; Binbin Cao; Guanghui Zhou
2016Optimal Service Contract under Cost Information Symmetry/AsymmetryLi, Xiang; Li, Yongjian
2016Frontier Projection and Efficiency Decomposition in Two-stage Processes with Slacks-based MeasuresYa Chen(本人学生); LI Yongjun; Liang Liang; Ahti Salo; Wu Huaqing
2016Study on the mechanism of energy abundance and its effect on sustainable growth in regional economies: A case study in China吴三忙; 雷涯邻
2016Howwill a nationwide carbon market affect regional economies and efficiency of CO2emission reduction in China?Ying Fan; Jie Wu; Yan Xia; Jingyu Liu
2016General and specific information in deterring traffic violations: Evidence from a randomized experimentLu, Fangwen; Zhang, Jinan; Perloff, Jeffrey
2016基于价值链分析的价值链会计: 数据系统改进、范式变迁、框架设计朱炜; 綦好东
2016Correlationcoefficients of interval-valued hesitant fuzzy sets and their application basedon Shapley functionFanyong Meng; Chen Wang; Xiaohong Chen; Qiang Zhang
2016核电厂数字化主控室操纵员的情景意识可靠性模型李鹏程; 张力; 戴立操; 邹衍华; 青涛; 胡鸿; 赵明
2016行政垄断与要素价格扭曲——基于中国工业全行业数据与内生性视角的实证检验陈林; 罗莉娅; 康妮
2016新型农村合作医疗、土地流转与农地滞留张锦华; 刘进; 许庆
2016Does the entry of third-party remanufacturers alwayshurt original equipment manufacturers?Xiaole Wu; Yu Zhou
2016Culture of the Stability in an Eco-industrial System Centered on Complex Network TheoryZhongdong Xiao; Binbin Cao; Jianan Sun; Guanghui Zhou
2016Solving a supply chain scheduling problem with non-identical job sizes and release times by applying a novel effective heuristic algorithmJun Pei; Xinbao Liu; Panos M. Pardalos; Wenjuan Fan; Ling Wang; Shanlin Yang
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 36483

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