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2017针刺干预视觉机理研究概况邢家铭(#); 盛雪燕; 严兴科(); 赵中亭; 刘安国; 张奥
2017Regulation of acupuncture on NMDAR1 mRNA expression in visual cortex of monocularly-deprived ratsZhu Tian-tian(#); Chen Cheng; Yan Xing-ke()
2017MicroRNA-141 Suppresses Prostate Cancer Stem Cells and Metastasis by Targeting a Cohort of Pro-Metastasis GenesCan Liu(#)(); Ruifang Liu(#)(); Dingxiao Zhang; Bigang Liu
2017肺纤方提取物对肺间质纤维化大鼠血管新生的影响王晨(#); 张晓梅()
2017基于对“卫分证”的再认识探析“截断扭转”在卫分证的应用吴俊泉(#); 赖鹏华()
2017激动β3肾上腺素能受体上调载脂蛋白A-I促进泡沫细胞胆固醇流出的研究高夏青(#); 李艳芳()
2017The altered right frontoparietal network functional connectivity in migraine and the modulation effect of treatment (IF=6.052)Zhengjie Li(#); Lei Lan(#); Fang Zeng(#); Jiwon Hwang; Taipin Guo; Feng Wu; Yujie Gao; Mingkai Dong; Mailan Liu; Fanrong Liang()
2017A comparative study of different covariance structure models for the analysis of repeated measurement dataYazhou Wu(#)(); Ling zhang; Liang Zhou; Xiaoyu Liu; Ling Liu; Yanqi Zhang; Dong Yi()
2017Tubastatin A Hcl对慢性支气管哮喘小鼠的治疗作用任媛(#); 苏新明(); 李孟露; 赵萱; 康健
2017针刺对单眼剥夺大鼠视皮层17区神经元异常时空模式的干预机制研究朱田田(#); 马重兵; 严兴科()
2017Identification of Symmetrical RNA Editing Events in the Mitochondria of Salvia miltiorrhiza by Strand-specific RNA SequencingBin Wu(#); Haimei Chen(#); Junjie Shao; Hui Zhang; Kai Wu; Chang Liu()
2017Multi-phase passband balanced SSFP fMRI with 50 ms sampling rate at 7 Tesla enables high precision in resolving 100 ms neuronal eventsZhongwei Chen(#); Rong xue(); Peng Zhang; Kaibao Sun; Zhentao Zuo; Jing An; Jing Chen; Sheng He; Lin chen(); Danny J.J. Wang
2017车前子化学成分研究(Ⅱ)曾金祥(#); 许兵兵; 毕莹; 王娟; 任刚(); 王洪玲; 张丽; 邹红
2017Super-resolution microscopy reveals the reorganization of GLUT4 on plasma membrane regulated by insulin resistanceLan Gao(#); Junling Chen; Jing Gao; Hongda Wang(); Wenyong Xiong()
2017Abnormal regional spontaneous neuronal activity associated with symptom severity in treatment-naive patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder revealed by resting-state functional MRI邱琳琳(#); 付相帅(#); 汪帅; 汤群峰; 陈新贵; 程琳; 张付全; 周振和; 田霖()
2017Altered microRNA expression profiles in lung damage induced by nanosized SiO2Hong Yang(#); Yingjian Zhang; Wenchao Li; Canshan Lao; Mingyue Li; Yi Zheng
2017Parity and bladder cancer risk :a dose-response meta-analysis.白云金(#); 王晓明(#); 杨玉帛; 唐寅; 王佳; 韩平()
2017Ablation of PPP1R3G reduces glycogen deposition and mitigates high-fat diet induced obesityZhang Y(#); Gu J; Wang L; Zhao Z; Pan Y; Chen Y()
2017Identification and characterization of novel PAX8 mutations in Congenital Hypothyroidism(CH) in a Chinese populationLiu S(#); Wang X; Zou H; Ge Y; Wang F; Wang Y; Yan S; Xia H(); Xing M()
2017Hypoxia inducible factor-1α-induced IL-33expression in intestinal epithelia contributes to mucosal homeostasis ininflammatory bowel diseaseMingming Sun(#); Chong He; Wei Wu; Guangxi Zhou; Fenghua Liu; Yingzi Cong; 刘占举()
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74167

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