NSFC PolicyStatement on

Open Access(OA) to the research publications of Its Funded  Projects


Supporting scientific research through public funding is an important way for the society to generate knowledge, promote innovation and stimulate development. Thepublications of the funded projects are a knowledge base of the entire society. OA to the entire society will facilitate the knowledge dissemination  and utility and accelerate the globalization of science. Furthermore, OA to research publications can quickly transform the knowledge generated by public investment into innovative and development capabilities for the entire society, which will greatly benefit the development of the society.


For the above reasons, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) establishes the following open access policies on the research publications from its funded projects.


From the day this policy statement is enacted, research papers generated from projects fully or partially funded by NSFC,  when submitted and published in academic journals, the authors of the papers should deposit the final manuscripts, which have been peer reviewed and accepted by the journals to the NSFC repository   with an embargo period of no more than 12 months. Earlier OA should be provided if the publisher allows. If the paper is published in an open access journal or the publisher allows deposit of the published version in PDF format, such version should be deposited into the NSFC repository  and the OA should be provided immediately.


NSFC authorizes its relevant departments to formulate detailed rules and regulations on OA of the publications from its funded projects, to establish OA repositories and to support public access to the repositories through web search and retrieval that follows the international standard.


NSFC requires its relevant departments to actively collaborate with relevant state departments and public education and research institutions  to facilitate all state science and technology plans and OA of the publications generated from publicly funded projects. NSFC requires its relevant departments to actively seek collaboration with the international scientific community to facilitate the OA of the publications generated from publicly funded projects across the world.